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 2007 Messages

01-07-07am Precious In His Sight!      Isaiah 43
01-07-07pm Holy Ghost Power!    Acts 8
01-14-07am  Stewardship Sunday     Selected NT. Scripture
01-21-07am Giving God!   Psalm 19
01-28-07am Dust Busters!    Jeremiah 1
02-04-07am Watch The Lamb.   Revelation 7
02-04-07pm Passion in Paradise.   Revelation 7
02-11-07am The Butterfly Affect!   Luke 6
02-11-07pm The Heart of a Matter.  Jeremiah 17
02-18-07am King of the Hill.   Luke 9
02-25-07am In God We Trust.   Psalm 91
03-04-07am Something Old and Something New.  Genesis 15
03-04-07pm Wait is What Broke the Wagon Down?  Psalm  27
03-18-07am Are You Ready to Celebrate?  Luke 15
03-25-07am Lost and Found.  Philippians 3
03-25-07pm Are You A Member of the Press?  Philippians 3
04-01-07am The Coming of the Covenant King.  Isaiah 42
04-01-07pm Compensation Paid by the King.   Hebrews 9
04-15-07am Praise the Lord!   Psalm 150
04-15-07pm True Culture Warriors   Acts 5
04-22-07am On This Mountain    Isaiah 25
04-29-07am  Are You In Good Hands?    John 10
05-06-07am Foul Play?   John 13
05-06-07pm Is Silence Golden?   Acts 11
05-13-07am The Prayers of the Purple Passion.   Acts 16
05-13-07pm Heaven on Earth!    Revelation 21
05-20-07 You Only Live Twice.    John 3
05-20-07am Face to Face Friendship.    Exodus 33
05-27-07am The Chosen Ones.   Acts 6
06-03-07am The Voice of Wisdom   Proverbs 8
06-03-07pm Who Are We?    Psalms 3
06-10-07am The Origin of the Game.    James 1
06-24-07am Looking Up From Within the Well.   Psalms 42
06-24-07pm Jesus Vs. The Legion   Luke  8
07-08-07am May I Have Another?     Galatians 6
07-15-07am Now Hear This!    Amos 7
07-22-07am Rush Hour!  Genesis 18
07-22-07pm It's a Mystery.   Colossians 1
07-29-07am Online and Connected      Luke 11
08-12-07 Whose God?   Psalm 33
08-19-07am Jesus is the Line in the Sand.   Luke 12
08-26-07am Have a Nice Day!    Isaiah 58
08-30-07 Will Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?   Matthew 16
09-02-07am A B C It's as easy as 1 2 3.   Hebrews 13
09-09-07am Pro Life Choice     Deuteronomy 30
09-09-07pm Philemon's Choice   Philemon 1-21
09-23-07am Your Money Matters   Luke 16
09-23-07pm Why Should You?   Psalm 113
09-30-07am Earthly and Heavenly Pursuits   I Timothy 6
10-07-07am Get The Picture   Lamentations 3
10-07-07pm Blind Faith  Habakkuk 1-2
10-28-07am The Perfect Prayer    Luke 18
11-04-07am Love Lifted Me   Psalm 32
11-11-07am The War of the Worlds     Ii Thessalonians 2
11-18-07am Thankful for the Rain    Isaiah 12
11-18-07pm Thankful for the Day    Malachi 4  
11-25-07am The God Flood    Psalm 46
12-02-07am Walking in the Light    Isaiah 2
12-02-07pm Lost - Found - Stolen   Matthew 24
12-09-07am Are They Ready for Christmas   Matthew 3
12-23-07am Would You Take Jesus?  Matthew 1
12-30-07am I Am Telling On You!  Isaiah 63


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