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2006 Messages

Sermon Series What is the Mission of the Church?  Why are we Here?
01-01-06am Minding Your Own Business   I Thessalonians 4
01-08-06am The Rule of Engagement    I Thessalonians 4
01-08-06pm How To Live is the Question?   I Thessalonians 4
01-09-06 Object Lesson on the Pencil!  What's the Point?
01-15-06am Captivated by Christ.   I Thessalonians 4
01-15-06pm The Salvation Option.     I Thessalonians 4
01-22-06am Forever Yours, Jesus.  I John 5
01-29-06am What I Learned in School Today.   I Thessalonians 4
02-05-06am The Present.   Titus 2
02-12-06am In Plain Sight.  Titus 2
02-12-06pm A Flood of Love.   Titus 2
02-26-06am Is This Seat Occupied.  Luke 19
02-26-06pm Open The Door.   Revelations 3
03-03-06 I Don't have to go to Church!
03-05-06am Will We Come To The Table?   Luke 22
03-12-06am This Is My Prayer.   Psalm 25
03-12-06pm Against All Hope.   Romans 4
03-19-06am More Valuable Than Gold.   Psalms 19
04-02-06am Do You Want To See Jesus?   John 12
04-16-06am Have You Run To See For Yourself?   John 20
04-23-06am The Fellowship of the Family.  Acts 4
04-30-06am Hello My Name is Jesus.  I John 3
05-07-06am The Other John 3:16   I John 3:16
05-07-06pm The Ultimate Sacrifice  John 10
05-21-06am The Charge to the Church   Acts 6
05-28-06am Fish On!  John 21
06-04-06am Empowered!  Acts 2
06-04-06pm A Bone Shaker.   Ezekiel 37
06-11-06am Burnt Lips Sink Sin   Isaiah 6
06-18-06am The Heart of a Man.  I Samuel 16  
06-25-06am From the Wail to the Waft.  Psalm 107
07-09-06am The Reign of Mercy.  Psalm 123
07-09-06pm The Power of Weakness.  II Corinthians 12
07-16-06am God Says I do to you.   Ephesians 1
07-23-06am The Cross Over.   Mark 6
08-06-06am Wonder Bread  John 6
08-27-06am Better is One Day in Your Court.   Psalm  84
09-03-06am Did You Get Religion.  James 1
09-10-06am Screen Doors on a Submarine.  James 2
09-10-06pm All Stars of Faith.   Hebrews 11
10-01-06am Repairing the Damage.   I Corinthians 11
10-01-06pm CPR for the Soul.   Psalm  19
10-08-06am Remaking of a Man.  Genesis 2
10-08-06pm God is Thinking About You.  Hebrews 1
10-15-06am The Ultimate Advocate.  Hebrews 4
10-29-06am Blind Man.  Mark 10
11-05-06am Heart, Soul, and Might.   Deuteronomy 6
11-12-06am Going Once, Going Twice, Gone.  Hebrews 9
11-12-06pm From Rags to Riches.   Mark 12
11-22-06am Can Thanksgiving be made for everyone?  I Timothy 2
11-26-06am Gifts from the King!   Revelations 1
11-26-06pm Have you seen the throne of the King.  Daniel 7
12-03-06am Will The Lord Keep His Promise?  Jeremiah 33
12-03-06pm Is the Lord Coming Again?  Luke 21
12-10-06am Don't Forget the King!  Luke 1
12-10-06pm What is the Price of Peace?  Malachi 3
12-31-06am Who is Number One?  Psalm 148


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