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2005 Messages

01-02-05am New For You!  Revelations 21
01-09-05am Is God Alive in 2005?  Job 19
01-16-05am The Fervor of the Father!   Psalm 40
01-16-05am Release the Lions (Deacon Ordination)  Acts 6
01-23-05am Is The Church Alive in 2005   Acts 9
02-13-05am Fellowship With The King   Genesis 2
02-13-05pm The Two Trees    Genesis 3
02-20-05am The Return Of The King!   Genesis 3
02-20-05pm Who's Your Daddy?   Matthew 18
02-27-05am Get A Little Mud on Your Tires.   Luke 13
02-27-05pm Body Builders   Ephesians 4
03-06-05am It's Suppertime.   Luke 14
03-06-05pm A Man Called Charlie.  (pastor's installation)  John 1
03-13-05am You Might Be Born Again If...   John 3
03-20-05pm Out of the Salt Packet.  Matthew 5
03-25-05 The Final Seven from a Broken God.  Luke 23
03-27-05am Who Are You Looking For?  John 20
04-03-05am Seize The Daylight Part I  Ephesians 5
04-03-05pm Seize The Daylight Part II  Ephesians 5
04-10-05am Eternal Pursuit.  John 6
04-10-05pm An Awesome God!  Genesis 28
04-24-05am Living Inside Out!   Romans 6
05-01-05am Will The Real God Please Stand Up?  Acts 17
05-01-05pm Good Grief.    I Peter 3
05-08-05am The Christian Family Part I    Acts 16
05-08-05pm The Christian Family Part II    Acts 16
05-15-05am Are You Pentecostal?   Acts 2
05-15-05pm The Language of the Spirit.   I Corinthians 12
05-22-05 Baccalaureate Service    I Timothy 4:12
05-22-05am I Am Going On!    II Timothy 3 
05-29-05am Is There No Balm in Gilead?  Jeremiah 8
06-06-05am Strong In The Lord.  Ephesians 6
06-06-05pm From Top To Bottom.   Matthew 27
06-06-05pm The Lamb is the Shepherd.   Luke 15
06-12-05am Uncommonly Good.  Exodus 19
06-12-05pm We Were Still Sinners.    Romans 5
06-26-05am Why Not Sin?   Romans 6
06-26-05pm Welcome!   Matthew 10 
07-03-05am The Next Generation.   Matthew 11
07-10-05am Mortal Mind Management (3M's)  Romans 8
07-17-05am Master and Commander!    I Corinthians 1
07-24-05am Nothing!    Romans 8
07-31-05am A Tale of Two Trees!    Galatians 5:16-26
08-14-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Love!   Galatians 5:16-26
08-21-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Joy!   Galatians 5:16-26
08-28-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Peace!  Galatians 5:16-26
09-04-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Patience!  Galatians 5:16-26
09-04-05pm The Spiritual Fruit of Kindness! Galatians 5:16-26
09-11-05pm The Spiritual Fruit of Goodness!  Galatians 5:16-26
09-01-05pm How to Have a Revival?  Ezekiel 37
 09-18-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Faithfulness!   Galatians 5:16-26 
09-25-05am The Spiritual Fruit of Gentleness!   Galatians 5:16-26 
09-25-05pm The Spiritual Fruit of Self-Control!   Galatians 5:16-26 
10-02-05am The Harvest!   John 15
10-02-05pm How to Have a Harvest?  Romans 10
10-08-05 A Revival of Vision!   Proverbs 29
10-09-05am Is It True?   Daniel 3
10-23-05am G. R. O. W.  II Peter 3
10-23-05pm Questions Students are asking today?
10-30-05am The Master Creator!   Psalm 139
11-06-05am Look Out!   Mark 13
11-13-05am I Saw Jesus!   Hebrews 2
11-13-05pm The Mission Possible!   Matthew 28
11-20-05am God's Thanksgiving!   Matthew 25
11-27-05am Real Help is on the Way!   Isaiah 64
11-27-05pm Fount of Hope!    Ruth 1
12-04-05am The Kiss of Peace.   Psalm 85
12-11-05am Tough Love!   John 1
12-11-05pm A Recipe Full of Joy!   I Thessalonians 5
12-24-05pm Why Did God Become Like One of Us?   Christmas Eve Story


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