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2004 Messages

01-04-04am  Praise for the Past!   Deuteronomy 32
01-04-04pm Enjoying the present with the Presence.  Exodus 33
01-11-04am God's Plan for the Future.  Jeremiah 29
01-11-04pm Can You See It?   Proverbs 29:18
01-18-04am God's Love Letters.   I Thes. 2
01-18-04pm Have You Seen The Stars?   Phil. 2
01-25-04am Fired Up For the Lord!   Luke 12 & 3
01-25-04pm Goose Sense?   Romans  15
02-01-04am Is The Altar for Today?   Romans 12
02-01-04pm God's Super Bowl!   Matthew 26
02-08-04am Is The Pulpit For Today?  Nehemiah 8
02-08-04pm Would the Real Preacher Please Stand Up?  Romans 10
02-15-04am Is the Baptistery For Today?   Romans 6
02-22-04am Is the Church For Today?    Acts 2
02-29-04am Is God For Today?   Acts 14
03-07-04am Is the Offering for Today?   Malachi  3
03-14-04am SHMILY  Ephesians 5
03-14-04pm Is Love for Today?  Ephesians 5
03-21-04am Is War for Today?   Ephesians 6
03-21-04pm God Talk!   I Samuel 3
03-28-04am Is The Cross For Today?  Matthew 10
03-28-04pm Who Carried Jesus' Cross?  Mark 15
04-04-04am Are Palms For Today?  Psalm 118
04-04-04pm Will the Stones Cry Out?  Luke 19
04-11-04pm Is the Resurrection for Today?   Psalm 88
04-18-04am Dying to Live?   I Corinthians 15
04-18-04pm Performance Enhancers!   II Corinthians 4
04-25-04am Whole In One!   Colossians 4
04-25-04pm Mission Possible.   Philippians 4;  Isaiah 41
05-02-04pm Going Head First.  Joshua 3
05-09-04am What Momma Taught Me.   Proverbs 6
05-16-04am Team Sunday:  The Path to Victory!   I John 5
05-23-04am Spring Cleaning    Matthew 8
05-23-04pm Ultimate Victory    I Corinthians 15
05-30-04am Moving On Up!   II Timothy 4
06-06-04am Going Deeper with God.   Romans 11
06-06-04pm Looking At The Unseen.   II Corinthians 4
06-13-04am Life Training.   Deuteronomy 6
06-13-04pm Three of a Kind.    Ecclesiastes 4
06-20-04am What Dad Taught Me.    Proverbs 6
06-20-04pm Father's Love.     Hosea 11
06-27-04am Memories   Revelation 2
06-27-04pm The Champions   Revelation 12
07-11-04am   Faith Into Action    James 2
07-18-04am The Midnight Cry    Exodus 11-12
07-25-04 Shine the Light
07-25-04am A Rich God for a Needy People.   II Kings 7
08-01-04am The Lord's Cup.    Matthew 26
08-01-04pm Will you drink the Lord's Cup?    Matthew 20
08-22-04am The Thrill of Victory.   Hebrews 12
08-22-04pm Go For the Gold.   I Corinthians 9
08-29-04am Synchronized Living.    Matthew 4
09-02-04 Youth Night at the community revival.   
09-05-04am Positive Production.   I Corinthians 15
09-05-04pm Heavenly Work!    Matthew 19
09-12-04pm Remember When?   John 16   
09-16-04 The Split!   Pastor's Corner in Fayette Tribune
09-19-04am God of the Hurricanes!   Nahum 1
09-26-04am Roll On!   Judges 7
09-26-04pm Does Your Anchor Hold?   Acts 27
10-03-04am He is God and He Approves This Message!   I John 1
10-03-04pm He is God!  Does He Approve Our Message?   Deut. 18
10-10-04  Break Out!   Matthew 14
10-10-04am Get Well Soon!    John 5
10-10-04pm Healing Hands!    Mark 16
10-24-04pm Bringing in the Sheaves    Psalm 126
10-31-04am Shake it off and Stand up!     II Corinthians 4
11-07-04am Heaven's Harmony    Psalm 133
11-14-04am Orders from Headquarters   I Samuel 15
11-14-04pm The Heart of a King    I Samuel 16
11-21-04am What Not To Do On Thanksgiving!     Luke 12
11-28-04am Reveille or Revelry?   Romans 13
11-28-04pm The Calm After The Storm.    Isaiah 2
12-05-04am Will The Real Christmas Please Stand Up?   Mat. 7, Luke 2
12-05-04pm What Did You Get For Christmas?   Isaiah 61
12-12-04am The Magnificat    Luke 1
12-12-04pm The High Cost of Christmas
12-26-04 am Have You Taken Out The Tree?  John 3



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