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2003 Messages

01-05-03am Can Christ Live in Us?   John 6
01-05-03pm Can Christ Live in us?  Part II   Galatians 2
01-12-03am AWANA   II Timothy 2
01-12-03pm Hello Moto?   Psalm 116
01-19-03am In Touch?  Psalm  118
01-19-03pm Step Right Up to the Microphone.  I Timothy 4  (youth sermon)
01-26-03am Go Right!  Mark 1
01-26-03pm The Witnesses   Mark 16
02-02-03am Eat, Drink, and Remember.   I Corinthians 11
02-02-03pm Speaking for the Lord.   Deuteronomy  18
02-09-03am Have you not Heard?   Isaiah 40
02-09-03pm The Great Physician  Mark 1
03-02-03am Up In Smoke  II Kings 2
03-02-03pm This Little Light of Mine...    II Corinthians 4
03-09-03am The Secret Life of the Soul   Matthew 6
03-09-03pm What Are You Looking At?  Jeremiah 1
03-16-03am Let's Roll!   Isaiah 43
03-16-03pm Be All You Can Be.   Daniel 1
03-23-03am Do You Have The Keys?   Matthew 16
03-23-03pm Certified to Give CPR?   II Kings 5
04-06-03am Some Gave All!   John 15
04-06-03pm  Is It Time to Build?   Nehemiah 2
04-13-03am Freedom     Zechariah 9
04-13-03pm What Are You Afraid Of?   Daniel 6
05-04-03am Talk About Love!    John 15
05-11-03am I Hear You, Mom!    John 2
05-11-03pm  A 21st Century Mother.   I Kings 17
 05-25-03pm  A Living Memorial   Matthew 28
06-01-03am  What is a Real Christian?  Acts 11
06-08-03pm Have You Been Dis-ed by God?  Deut. 31
06-22-03am If so, say I Will (the wedding sermon)  Matthew 19
07-06-03am Give Me Liberty or Give Me ...    Galatians 5
07-13-03am In a Spot of Bother.  Exodus 14
07-20-03am Building the House of the Lord .  Haggai 1
07-27-03am I Feel Like Traveling On.  Psalm 84
07-27-03pm  Body Builders.   Ephesians 4
08-03-03am What's On The Table?  Matthew 26
08-03-03pm The Cross In The Middle.    Isaiah 53
08-10-03am  Have We Moved The Old Landmarks?                     Proverbs 22
08-24-03am  Spiritual Blackout!   Romans 1
08-24-03pm   Power In The Pot.   II Corinthians 4
08-31-03am  Hurry Up and Wait.   Matthew 25
09-07-03am  Ministers of the New Covenant.  II Corinthians 3
09-07-03pm  From Top To Bottom.   Matthew 27
09-11-03  Help Us O' Lord!   Luke 5
09-14-03pm  Contact!   Mark 6
09-19-03 Funeral for a Mother.
09-21-03am  God's Association.  I Corinthians 12
09-21-03pm  Ridin' The Storm Out or Surfin' in WV!                  Ephesians 5  
09-28-03am  God's Garden.  I Thessalonians 1
09-28-03pm  Heavenly Treasures.   Matthew 6
10-05-03am  Church Covenant Sermon
10-12-03am  Who's That Knocking At The Door?   Revelation 3
10-12-03pm  Carry On!   I Kings 8
Basic Training for Living.   
10-26-03am Have You Signed Up With The Lord?  John 5
10-26-03pm Remember?  What in the World Does God Want?  Eccl. 11-12
11-02-03am A Good Surrender?  Matthew 26
11-02-03pm How can you know God's Will?  I Samuel 23
11-09-03am Yes, But How?   Isaiah 41
11-16-03am Thriving Under Attack?  Exodus 17
11-16-03pm Are You In Style?  Colossians 3
11-23-03am Are We Thankful?  Psalm 95
11-23-03pm Why I am Thankful?
11-30-03am Are You Ready For Some Dessert?  Rev. 22
12-07-03am The Price of Peace.  Isaiah 9
12-07-03pm Pass the Peace.  Matthew 10
12-14-03am Hey Ya, Joy!  Zephaniah 3
12-28-03am The Perfect Prescription.  Colossians 3
12-28-03pm Are you Still Growing?  Luke 2



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