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Fayetteville Baptist Church - Christian Mountain - United Soul Miners
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 01-04-02am  Funeral Service for a Child
 01-06-02am   Rainy Days and Sundays always...  Psalm 72
The Lord's Model Prayer Series 
01-13-02am  Are You Connected with the Father.  Mat. 6 series part 1
01-13-02pm  Are You Seeking the Heavenly Father?  Mat. 6 series part 2
01-20-02am Are You Looking for the Kingdom?  Mat. 6 series part 3
01-27-02am Are You Asking For Yourself?  Mat. 6  series part 4
01-27-02pm Are You Staying Connected?    Mat. 6  series part 5
02-03-02am Are You Being Delievered?   Mat. 6  series part 6
02-03-02pm Are You Giving God the Kingdom?  Mat. 6  series part 7
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The  Worship Series

02-10-02am Why Worship?  Psalm 115   Series part 1
02-10-02pm What is Worship?  Isaiah 6   Series part 2
02-17-02am How To Worship?  John 4  Series part 3
02-24-02am When To Worship?  Daniel 3 Series part 4
03-03-02am Who To Worship?   Rev. 22  Series part 5
03-03-02pm Where To Worship?  Gen. 22 Series part 6
The Savior Series
03-10-02am A Public Savior  Series # 1  Mat. 3
03-17-02am  A Compassionate Savior   Series #2  John 11
03-17-02pm  A Telling Savior  Series #3   Mat. 19
03-24-02am An Humble Savior  Series #4  John 12
03-24-02pm A Servant Savior   Series #5   John 13
03-29-02pm A Suffering Savior   Series #6  Good Friday Service       Mat. 27
03-31-02am A Risen Savior Series #7  Mat. 28
04-07-02am  Water, Bread, and Grape Juice  Mat. 28
04-07-02pm How To Know You Need A Revival?  Ezk. 37
04-14-02am How To Start A Revival  II Chron. 29
04-14-02pm How To Pass The Torch of Revival  Deut. 34-Josh 1
Game of Life Sermon Series
04-28-02am Can I Have a Restart?  Series #1  Mat. 7
04-28-02pm The Winner's Circle.  Series #2    Phil. 3
05-05-02am Storm Watch 4!  Series #3  Mat.8
05-05-02pm I Need a Pit Stop!   Series #4  Mark 6
05-12-02am Is That Your Final Answer?   Series #5  Gen.13
05-12-02pm Who Is The Weakest Link?  Series #6  I Sam. 18
05-26-02am Temptation to Breakdown!  Series #7  Luke 4
05-26-02pm Joy and Happiness!  Series #8  Phil 4
06-02-02am Presence of the Pilot.  Series #9  Exodus  33
06-02-02pm Welcome to General Hospital. Series #10  Luke 5
06-09-02am What Base Are You On?  Series #11  John 3
06-23-02am Lost Directions?  Series #12  Psalm 119
06-23-02pm Who is the Real Survivor?   Series #13  Luke 16
07-07-02am One Nation Under God?  I Cor. 15
07-14-02am Can You Hear Me Now?  Exodus 4
07-21-02am Whiners and Diners.  Exodus  16
07-28-02am The Bridge Church  Genesis 6
08-04-02am Can It Really Be Free?  Isaiah 55
08-04-02pm Who Is The Lord?  Psalm 145
08-11-02am When You Don't Know Which Way To Turn?  I Kings 19
08-11-02pm Do You Have Beautiful Feet?  Romans 10
08-14-02pm Top Ten Reasons Why Christians Need a Revival!  John 4
08-25-02am Guard Your Heart.  Matthew 15
08-25-02pm Have You Found Your Place?   Romans 12
09-01-02am Lost and Found Department.  Matthew 16
09-01-02pm Crimson Crush or The Love Factor  Romans 12
09-08-02pm The Power of Two.  Matthew 18
09-15-02am Release the Lions  (Deacon's Ordination)  Acts 6
09-15-02pm Will God Fight Your Battles?   Exodus 14
09-22-02am Conversion of the Minister?   Jonah 3
09-22-02pm Will the First be First?   Matthew 20
09-27-02am Back To School.   Psalm 25
10-06-02am God's Top Ten.   Exodus 20
10-06-02pm True Value!  Phil. 3
10-13-02am Give Thanks!  I Chronicles 16
10-13-02pm Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full!  Psalm 23
10-27-02am The Two Commandments?  Matthew 22
10-27-02pm Happiness is...    Psalm 1
11-17-02am The Rescuers!   Judges 4
11-24-02am Where are the Nine?   Luke 17
 The Got Christmas Series:
12-01-02am Got Hope!    Isaiah 11
12-01-02pm Living Hope!   I Peter 1
12-08-02pm Got Peace!     Micah 5
12-15-02am Got Joy!    Psalm 98
12-22-02am Got Love!   John 3/Luke 4
12-29-02am Got Jesus!   Matthew 1
Handout What did you get for Christmas?  (Handout)  


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