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2000 Messages

When God Came to Abraham and Sarah  Gen. 17-18
1-2-00am The Beginning of the End I  Rev. 22
1-2-00pm The Beginning of the End  II  Rev. 22
1-9-00am What's The Point?  John 20
1-16-00am A 21st Century Disciple.  Luke 9
1-23-00am Can We Live the Life?  Rom. 6
1-23-00pm The War of the Worlds.  Rom. 7
The 21st Century Church Series: Based on Rev. 2-3
1-30-00am The Church that Lost It's First Love.  Rev. 2
2-6-00am The Poor Church that was Rich  Rev. 2
2-6-00pm The Church that left the door cracked.  Rev. 2
2-13-00pm The with no Accountability  Rev. 2
2-20-00am The Church Dressed in White  Rev. 3
2-20-00pm The Church with the open door.  Rev. 3
2-27-00am The Church with the misplaced Savior.  Rev. 3
2-27-00pm The Overcomers of Revelation. 
3-5-00am The Visible Savior.  John 6
3-5-00pm The Quartet that Raised the Roof.  Mark 2
3-12-00am Here is Your Sign!  Genesis 9
3-12-00pm Let Me Tell You a Secret  Psalm 25
3-19-00am Spring Cleaning I    II Chronicles 34
3-19-00pm Spring Cleaning II    II Chronicles 34
3-26-00am See Salvation.  Acts 2
3-26-00pm What does the Church Need?  Acts 6  (Deacons Ordination)
4-2-00am How will you come to God's Table? (communion) I Cor. 10
4-2-00pm A Living Rock?  I Cor. 10
4-9-00am The Greatest Friend.  John 15
4-9-00pm Forever Friends.  John 12
4-16-00am Will Jesus bear the cross alone?  Mat. 16
4-16-00pm Will you honor the King?  Luke 19
4-23-00 The Rolling Stones.  Mark 16
4-30-00 Fishing with Jesus or Come and dine with the King.  John 21
5-7-00 Together Again.  Psalm 133
5-14-00am A Mother's Prayer.  I Kings 17
5-14-00pm Does Prayer Work?  James 5
6-4-00am  4-D Religion  Psalm 116
6-4-00pm I'll Be Back!  John 14
6-11-00 Cracked Pots.  II Cor. 4
6-18-00am Father's of Genesis.
6-18-00pm Jehovah Jireh.  Gen.22
6-25-00 Do you need a vacation?  Gen. 12
7-9-00am The Gospel according to Matthew.  Mat. 5
7-9-00pm The Gospel according to Mark.  Mark 10
7-16-00am The Gospel According to Luke  Luke 19
7-16-00pm The Gospel According to John John20
7-30-00 What in the World Does God Want?  Part I  Micah 6
8-6-00am What in the World Does God Want?  Part II  Micah 6
8-6-00pm What in the World Does God Want?  Part III  Micah 6
8-13-00 The Power of God.  II Kings 6
8-27-00 God's Survivors.  Daniel 3
8-31-00 A Thief in the Night.  Matthew 24
9-3-00am Have you been chosen?  Matthew 24
9-3-00pm What's your occupation?  Luke 19
9-10-00 How to win a war.  Judges 4
9-17-00am Am I my brother's keeper?  Gen. 4
9-17-00pm The Jesus Freaks!  Titus 2
9-24-00am Are you listening?  Part I  I Kings 19
9-24-00pm Are you listening?  Part II  Isaiah 49
10-01-00am Remember when?  Mark 14
10-01-00pm If it ain't broke... break it.  Luke 13
10-08-00am What would you do for God, If you knew you couldn't fail?  Phil. 4:13
10-08-00pm Help! I need somebody!  Psalm 121
10-15-00am Silly Putty?  Jer. 18
10-15-00pm Passing the Torch.  II Kings 2 
10-22-00 "Jesus is the Bridge" Day.  John 14
11-5-00 Breaking Up is Hard to Do!  Rom. 8
11-12-00 Spiritual Veterans.  Eph. 6
11-12-00 God has got an Army.  Eph. 6
11-19-00 The Strangest Thanksgiving Ever.  Jonah 2
11-19-00 Thanksgiving is Thanks-living.  Psalm 50
When God Came Sermon Series:
11-26-00 When God Came to Adam and Eve.  Gen. 3


12-03-00 When God Came to Zacharias and Elizabeth.  Luke 1  
12-03-00 When God Came to Joseph and Mary.  Luke 1
12-10-00 When God Came to The Shepherds.  Luke 2
12-10-00 When God Came to the Wise Men.  Mat. 2
12-16-00 The Christmas Tree.  Mat. 2
12-24-00 When God Came to Simeon and Anna  Luke 2
12-31-00 Year End Close Out Special  Proverbs 4



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