August 31, 2008 am   Stand Your Ground   Psalm 26

by Ron George Jr. at the Fayetteville Baptist Church

If you were to write a song today about your life, what would the title be?  As we stand and sit in God’s sanctuary, how would you summarize your life?  How about:  I love you Lord.  I am here to express my desire to God.  Here today and gone tomorrow.  Thank you Lord.  I am ready and I wish we all were ready.  I wish I was somewhere else. How about:  “I Stand!”  Here is David’s song, I stand.

 Psalm 26  of David:  1 Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have led a blameless life; I have trusted in the Lord without wavering. 2 Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; 3 for your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth. 4 I do not sit with deceitful men, nor do I consort with hypocrites; 5 I abhor the assembly of evildoers and refuse to sit with the wicked. 6 I wash my hands in innocence, and go about your altar, O Lord, 7 proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds. 8 I love the house where you live, O Lord, the place where your glory dwells. 9 Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with bloodthirsty men, 10 in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes. 11 But I lead a blameless life; redeem me and be merciful to me. 12 My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the Lord

  1. Judge me, I voluntarily stand in your judgment.  Test me, Try me, Examine my heart and mind, Heb. 9:27 It is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgment. 


  1. What I have done for you:  I stand in your house of worship.  I separate myself from those who don’t worship or love you.  I love you always.  I walk continually in your truth.  I don’t consort with hypocrites, I refuse to sit with the wicked.  I wash my hands in innocence and then I go to worship. 
  1. I proclaim aloud your praise. I stand to proclaim your name and testify of my love for you.  I tell of all your wonderful deeds.  I love the house where you live, O Lord that is the place where your glory dwells.  I worship you O Lord.  I give my life to you and I let others know where I stand. 


  1. I don’t take my soul with sinners.  I don’t stand with unbelievers.  These are those who don’t know you or worship you.    These are the onews who do wickedness.  I lead a blameless life. 
  1. Redeem me?  I stand in your salvation.  I want you to save me and be merciful to me?  I know that you love me and save me. 


  1. My feet stand on level ground in the great assembly.   I put my feet on Holy Ground.  I come to the Lord and give myself to Him.  I am sincere in my life.
  1. I will praise the Lord.  I stand to praise the Lord, my God.  I am thankful that He has taken me.  He has forgiven me.  I will live my life for you, O Lord!

The Holy Bible : New International Version (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1996, c1984). Ps 26:1-12.